What’s Peanut ?

Enter the wonderful world of Peanut ! 🥜
Live an unforgettable experience during your stay


like no other

Immersive themes with 5 ⭐ bedding because … nothing beats a good night of sleep !


because eating is life !

We go big on our restaurant concepts, and always have something to delight your little stomachs! On top of that, we have 100% local & 100% homemade cuisine.
What’s not to love? 😜


but made a little different…


Let’s toast to life, its ups and downs, all together in bars with transcendent universes.
A beer please! And you, what will you be having?

Chill out!

Here we breathe and we relax

We know how difficult everyday life can be.
Come and recharge in our wellness areas! 🧖‍♀️

Work spaces to share,

to innovate, to creat !

Sometimes confusing ‘productive’ with ‘festive’ is very helpful.

Vous n'êtes pas perdu !L'Hôtel du Boeuf devient Peanut Medieval Lodge

On ouvre le 8 juillet, et on a tellement hâte de vous accueillir dans notre nouvel hôtel, le Peanut Medieval Lodge!

Et ne manquez pas notre nouveau restaurant de pâtes fraîches, la Pastaverne