La Pastaverne

At Peanut, we like this popular and warm atmosphere, with rowdy people and lively conversations 📣 🍻.

What’s this Pastaverne
about ?

What is a Pastaverne? It’s the contraction between Pasta 🍝 and Tavern 🍻. Together these two words mean a place to find refuge and restore your stomachs with 100% homemade fresh pasta!


Convivial atmosphere

Local cuisine

Our chef Peanut offers you a varied, local and authentic cuisines


  • Service from from 11:30 am to 2 pm and from 6:30pm to 10pm

Your Pastaverne welcomes you from Friday to Tuesday. The restaurant is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

I’m hungry, what do we eat ?




Tailor-made offer without half-measures !

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