Oi! Oi! Please enter & take your seat !
You will attend an immersive experience that will send you straight to the Middle Ages 🏰
Bring out your best armor or your best dress, we’ll take care of the rest.

Grand opening July 8th 2022

Our rooms

Everything you need !

Fresh Pasta

La Pastaverne

A toast ?

The Monk’s Lair

Work & Co-Work

Group Offers

Coming Soon

The Rite of Passage

What to do in and around St-Ursanne?
We got some ideas for you!

Fly Fishing


Mountain Bike

Canoe treasure hunt

Horse riding

Discover our crazy offers !

Lounges & salons to chill or play

You said where ?

In the heart of the medieval Jura town

Peanut MĂ©dieval Lodge
Rue du 23-Juin 60
2882 Saint-Ursanne

Come work at Peanut !

An ideal setting for your seminars,
brainstorming and meetings

Grand Mega Giga Concours !Tente de remporter une privatisation de l'hĂ´tel d'une valeur de 13'500.- CHF ! Alors, tu participes ?

Ça commence dans 3-2-1, maintenant ! 🎉

À l’occasion de l’ouverture de Peanut Médiévale Lodge à St-Ursanne, tente de remporter une privatisation de l’hôtel Peanut de ton choix pour toi et tes potes !

Pour participer, c’est simple !