Groups & companies

2 hotels, 2 destinations, 2 unique and offbeat atmospheres
for funky coworkers!

At Peanut, everything is possible:
Organize your seminars, team-building, birthdays, etc.
The only limit is your imagination!

Get to work!

Seminars, team building and other workshops

  • Fully equipped rooms
  • Large interactive HD touch screen
  • Unlimited peanuts supplies
  • Ideal for your seminars, team-building, company outing

Productivity is around the corner

To us!

Who has never dreamed of having a hotel just for themselves?

  • Full privatization with 14 rooms just for you
  • Aperitif like only the Valais knows how to!
  • 3-course meal with variety of drinks to quench your thirst
  • DJ at the Barnotzet until 3am to get well
  • Breakfast the next day

Party town is this way!


Company outing

Private event


Bachelor/ette party

Want to chat about it?

Grand Mega Giga Concours !Tente de remporter une privatisation de l'hôtel d'une valeur de 13'500.- CHF ! Alors, tu participes ?

Ça commence dans 3-2-1, maintenant ! 🎉

À l’occasion de l’ouverture de Peanut Médiévale Lodge à St-Ursanne, tente de remporter une privatisation de l’hôtel Peanut de ton choix pour toi et tes potes !

Pour participer, c’est simple !